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TapestryKPI is a cloud-based Data performance platform that is built to perform advanced analytics reporting and digital data management in a fragmented digital data space. The platform automates your data aggregation and transformation into valuable data sets that powers you to do more with your data


TapestryKPI empowers decision making through automatic data aggregation, data management for enhanced data analysis and actionable analytics reports. This video gives a brief introduction of TapestryKPI.



On a mission to put critical information at the fingertips of enterprise decision maker; the right way


Online Analytics

Most businesses have invested significantly in developing their web properties. TapestryKPI pulls data from all major Web Analytics tools -Omniture, Web Trends, Coremetrics, and Google.


Ancillary Analytics

Business via Syndicated Commerce sell products and distribute content across a variety of digital platforms. TapestryKPI organizes the data from iTunes, Amazon, Xbox live, and Netflix.


Social Analytics

As Social Media becomes more important for businesses there is an increasing need for social data. TapestryKPI integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram.


Mobile Analytics

Mobile Devices have changed the Internet. TapestryKPI tracks this increasingly complex and fragmented space by integrating Google Play. iTunes, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Why TapestryKPI?

 Pre-built Data Connectors

TapestryKPI connects with the common social, mobile, and digital data sources as well as the not so common, and difficult data sources to wrangle.

 Cloud based Business Intelligence

Extend business intelligence capabilities on the Cloud and make insights available for all business functions, all the time through browsers and mobile devices.

 Configurable Dashboards & Scorecards

View your data as you view your business. TapestryKPI allows users to easily configure your report and data views to be inline with how you discuss and view your business.

 Business Rule based Alerts in real-time

Set rules to receive alerts for real-time decision making in critical areas like pricing, customer growth and product availability.

 Extensive configurable reporting

TapestryKPI combines data processing from legacy systems, excel sheets and online analytics data sources to produce charts, graphs and other visual reports

 Secured Data Access and Administration

Configurable single sign-on (SSO) solution or multi-factor authentication ensures confidently distribute access to mapped stakeholders


Achieve Single Version of Truth (SVOT) with real-time processing of your online, offline data sources and start making timely decisions on the fly.

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Client Testimonial

Lee Kizer TapestryKPI“TapestryKPI has provided a source of truth from several disparate data sources. It has allowed us to define our KPIs regardless of where the data is generated. Now we tell our story with the right metrics and performance benchmarks. Softcrylic’s team of analysts has really helped us see our data in the right view to translate the insights into great decisions.”

Lee Kizer,

 Digital Strategy & Analytics — The Weather Company, an IBM Business

TapestryKPI for Buyers

  • CEO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • CIO
  • CFO

CEOEmbrace everyday opportunities and convert them as growth catalysts

  • Overall Business Performance
  • Summarized executive dashboards
  • Prioritized Actionable Insights
  • Addressable Compliance and Risks
  • Decision making on-the-fly via Cloud & Mobile

CSODrive omni-channel business growth with 360° Customer data

  • Real-time visibility on Sales Pipeline
  • Forecasted Sales Forecast
  • Advanced pipeline management
  • Addressable sales closure opportunities
  • Profitability Metrics

CMODecode Customer Behaviour for designing futuristic offerings

  • Data-driven campaign performance dashboards
  • Marketing Return on Investment
  • Custom analytics on Customer insights
  • Social Media engagement and analytics
  • Digital marketing contribution to business growth

CIOHandshake with Agile in style with cross-business functions

  • Infrastructure Monitoring in real-time
  • Incident Management Handling
  • Employee Ticketing Support Systems
  • Customers Application Management Health
  • Cross departmental technology status reports

CFOModernize Digital Finance with actionable data-driven insights

  • Overall financial performance
  • Real-time revenue dashboards
  • Cashflow and expenses projections
  • Financial insights and executive reports
  • Business risk and compliance checks

TapestryKPI for Industries

  • Travel
  • Media
  • LifeStyle
  • Retail
  • High-tech


  • Advanced Revenue management with real-time alerts
  • Custom analysis and reports on passenger ticketing behavior
  • Dynamic pricing recommendations and campaign triggers
  • Social media & sentiment analysis to uncover new opportunities
  • 24/7 monitoring and alert systems for custom business rules


  • Fueling growth by increasing and retaining customer base
  • Maximizing profitability by improving digital campaigns
  • Managing multiple digital data campaigns and properties
  • Gathering intelligence by digging insights from customer behavior
  • Processing data analysis faster on millions of customer records


  • Cross-selling and upselling products to target customer base
  • Personalizing better products based on shopping behavior
  • Protecting brand Image with social listening and sentiment analysis
  • Analyzing digital marketing results and social media feeds
  • Self-service dashboards with business goal setting alerts


  • Dynamic offer targeting and pricing adjustments based on purchase data
  • Offering instant customer support based on cart abandoning data
  • Visualizing data from merging store operations and digital sales
  • Monitoring campaign effectiveness across all sales & marketing channels
  • Closely watch profitability ratio and forecast inventory levels


  • Improve collaboration across business teams to fuel innovation
  • Visualize data like never before and act fast with visual dashboards
  • Take decisions on the fly with summarized executive data
  • Garner insights on different customer persona & formulate newer offerings
  • Automate reporting and accelerate efforts around new revenue channels

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